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The Boss


The Boss is the MONSTER hunting bait. Coming in at 9-3/4" long and 4.1oz this bait is a wide slow glide that allures the true giants in a body of water. This bait is MUCH thinner than almost every other glide in its size range on the market. From a design perspective, this is definitely not the easiest route. The Boss went through 32 different molds during the prototyping stages; manipulating the bait by the millimeter to make the bait perform exactly to Josh's specifications. The prototyping utilized drones to capture GIANT fish hitting this bait. Hours were spent analyzing this footage to see how fish hit this bait. This resulted in tweaking hook hanger locations, and switching hooks to maximize hook up ratio. All of that ensures when that giant you've been hunting hits the bait, you have the highest chances of landing that fish.

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