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The Eco


The Clutch Eco set out to break the mold on traditional glide baits by providing high end resin performance at a reasonable price. Designed by Josh Pladies to do a little bit of everything. This bait can lure those aggressive strikes on both a slow reel as well as a chopping style retrieve making this bait super versatile, and INCREDIBLY fun bait to fish. The bait is only 6-1/4" long making it a great bait to get a ton of bites. Perfect for both the novice swimbait fisherman, and advanced tournament angler alike. The paint on this bait is baked into the actual resin making it impossible to chip. You literally have to chip the resin in order to chip the paint. This is a process that took hundreds of hours to figure out, but is incredibly worth it! Tie on a Clutch Eco and experience the most bite getting glide bait you've ever thrown!

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