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The Darter


Justin Kimmel (Herring Lake Specialist, and all around HAMMER) came to Clutch Swimbait Co with a challenge. Make a herring profile glide bait that can be worked at an incredible rate of speed. After months and months of testing and tweaking the darter was born. This bait is superbly balanced thanks to a proprietary material lamination process that allows for  never before seen buoyancy in a bait of it's size. Since it's inception The Darter has proven itself as a tournament staple at the highest level. Being used by top level tournament pros not just on herring fisheries, but all across the country. From smallmouth waters of the north, clear water Ozark Mountain Lakes, monster bass lakes of Texas and California, to the herring fisheries of Georgia/South Carolina this bait has found it's niche at every type of bass fishery. This bait does not work like a traditional glide bait. It is simply a speed demon. Watch the instructional video below to better understand how to maximize this baits performance! 

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